Celebs With Qualifications That Might Be Back-Up Plan

The secret behind Boity revealed

The media industry is not a stable career as such, and we’d like to think that these celebrities have secured a back-up plan by having qualifications outside of the industry.

Boity Toning Support launch
Kay Tatyana Selisho

Actress and TV host is fully pursuing the media industry and has climbed her way up in the industry, and having recently launched her slimming tablets she is adding entrepreneur to her list, we surely didn’t see that coming, another thing that we found to be unpredictable was to find that Boity had studied Psychology and Criminology at Monash.

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Real Goboza host Sinazo Yolwa
sinazoyolwa/ Instagram

Although Skeem Saam’s Zamokuhle Seakamela, real name Clement Maosa has an LLB degree from the University of Limpopo he is now still pursuing media and breaking barriers as an actor.

We can't get enough Celeste Khumalo's bikini bod

L-tido is not just your everyday kind of rapper, he is also a graduate with a B-Com degree in Marketing and surely with all the work he does in the hip hop business somehow this qualification must come in handy.


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