Full Album: J. Cole – KOD | 2018 [Free Album Zip Download] + Album Trailer

Full Album: J. Cole – KOD | 2018 [Free Album Zip Download] + Album Trailer

The new album is named K.O.D. and was first announced on Twitter just days before the actual release, after that, not long again, he shared the official album track list and cover art of the project before proceeding to sharing the project’s trailer and finally here, the Album, K.O.D. itself. We are quite delighted by this release.

In the video, the actions spans less than two minutes, and was broken up into different segments for each of the album’s subtitles: “Kids on Drugs,” “King Overdose,” and “Kill Our Demons.”

Full Album: J. Cole - KOD | 2018 [Free Album Zip Download] + Album Trailer
Full Album: J. Cole – KOD | 2018 [Free Album Zip Download] + Album Trailer
The new album which is his fifth studio album and follow up to 2016’s “4 Your Eyez Only” is filled with a total of 12 hot tracks and unlike the artiste who loves to share lone works on his album has this time decided to go against that norm, the rapper in the new project enlisted though just an artiste Kill Edward to feature on two of his tracks.

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The album production and sound is also lit, knowing the fact that J. Cole headed the production crew, there is no expectancy of short coming on the new release.

As for the album’s cover art, the image shows a disclaimer that reads “This album is in no way intended to glorify addiction” with a painting of J. Cole dressed as a king with kids peaking out from his robe while they do different kinds of drugs like cocaine and drink lean. There also appears to be one kid transforming into a demon-like face with two demons behind him.

Below, we actually have the trailer of the album but before we go ahead with that, check out the explanations of the three segments of the project below.

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“Kids on Drugs”: “If I turn on the TV right now, it’s not going to take long for there to be an advertisement to pop up that says, ‘Are you feeling down? Have you been having lonely thoughts?’ And then they shove a pill in your face. The first response of any problems is medicate.”

“King Overdose”: “That’s representing me and the times I was—and am—afflicted by the same methods of escape […].”

“Kill Our Demons”: “That’s the end goal, to face our shit, realize we have some shit going on inside—everybody. I realized everybody family is fucked up […] because nobody is fucking perfect. Whether you want to or not, you’re going to fuck up your kids in some type of way, because you got fucked up in some type of way […] Kill Our Demons is like, finding that shit, whether it be from traumatic childhood experiences, whether it be from a lack of attention, confidence issues, insecurities—whatever it is, we gotta be honest with ourselves. Look in the mirror or look inside and ask ourselves questions, like […] ‘What’s causing me to run to this thing as an escape?’”

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Check out the full album track-list of J. Cole’s KOD’s project, and also watch the trailer below.

1. “Intro” | Mp3 Download
2. “KOD” | Mp3 Download
3. “Photograph” | Mp3 Download
4. “The Cut Off” Featuring Kill Edward | Mp3 Download
5. “ATM” | Mp3 Download
6. “Motives” | Mp3 Download
7. “Kevin’s Heart” | Mp3 Download
8. “BRACKETS” | Mp3 Download
9. “Once An Addict (Interlude)” | Mp3 Download
10. “FRIENDS” Featuring Kill Edward | Mp3 Download
11. “Window Pain (Outro)” | Mp3 Download
12. “1985 (Intro to The Fall Out)” | Mp3 Download

Download Full Album: J. Cole – KOD | 2018 [Free Album Zip Download] + Album Trailer


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