Kanye West Asks Us To Drop Our Phones, Then Shares 4-Hour Documentary

Kanye West Asks Us To Drop Our Phones, Then Shares 4-Hour Documentary

Kanye West Suggests We Do Away With Our Cell Phones And Subsequently Releases 4-Hour Documentary

In the most recent month, the previous one precisely, Kanye West has acted questionably on his Twitter account, carrying on in support of the current United States President, Donald Trump and going on long-winded tirades about anything. As he has now calmed down to center around his work on a few forthcoming collections, Ye enjoyed a reprieve from the studio to lecture about mobile phone utilization and our reliance on innovation. The “Blood on the Leaves” artist has a point, however his technique for sharing the announcement is, once more, a touch of confusing.

The rapper took to Twitter to go up against the possibility of consumerism, sharing a four-hour long narrative named The Century of the Self, which centers around Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, profiting by his uncle’s methods of insight to “create modern-day consumerism.” According to Ye, Bernays once engineered an arrangement for organizations to offer more cigarettes amid a period when they were not utilized as open commodity. Over his notes on a consumerist culture, West asked his fans to consider our aggregate addiction to our mobile phones, tweeting, “Google dopamine,” alluding to a compound normally discharged by our brains that influences us to feel great when a notification flies up on our phones.

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If by any chance that Kanye has room, and scheduled his time to watch a whole 4-hour video, ideally, it flags that each of the five collections to be dropped from few days are already done. With the roll-out starting with Pusha T‘s undertaking this Friday, Ye doesn’t have considerably more time to work so if he’s not yet completed, he better get his as$ back to work!

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Meanwhile, check out the tweets below.

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