Mixtape: Brain & Lil Dicky – I’m Brain [EP]


 Brain & Lil Dicky Debuts A New Ep Named “I’m Brain” – Free Zip Download 

Apart from hilarious and other funny part of Lil Ducky, we are sure he has another talent and that is singing. The singer already lives in the glory of his past album  Professional RapperThe project show cased the rapper’s  real part as he provided comedic relief on the project, now he returns with his own project titled I’m Brain.

The new work tends to provide better platform for Brain to shine but Lil Dicky still pulls with some heavy bars in to the project. The duo performed quite well, Dicky acts as the supporter in the project while Brain handles the  drivers seat.

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The new project is laced with seven tracks, and has guest appearance from The Game assisting in “How Can U Sleep At Night.“, while Lil Dicky shows up in 5 of the tracks.

Check out the new EP below and for now, it seems Lil Dicky‘s next project is taking some time so we’ve got to give him more time, on his twitter Dicky said; “I’m sorry my album is taking so long, luckily brain stepped up”.

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Tracklist For: Brain & Lil Dicky – I’m Brain

1. “On Smash” featuring Lil Dicky
2. “Cocaine” featuring Lil Dicky
3. “Whippin’ It Up” featuring Lil Dicky
4. “Brainstorm”
5. “F Slo” featuring Lil Dicky
6. “Interlude”
7. “How Can U Sleep” featuring Lil Dicky and The Game

Coop the new project below.

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