Tip – Red Redemption Ft. Young Thug


Tip Calls On Young Thug On His New Song Titled Red Redemption | Free Stream

A new song has been release, on the new track, “Red Redemption,” Tip teams with Young Thug for a track that presents a very traditional Atlanta trap sound, opting for warmer key tones compared to the darker tones the region has embraced over the last little while. The rapper could be heard rapping  “This snake is on my shirts / It might be python / I’m straight up out them trenches / I’m Atlanta-born / I jumped straight in the streets / I was hands-on / We cool, he knew my face / But I put my mask on”.

Young Thug also stepped into the song in a tone that could be recognized, reeling in his usually wailing melodies in favor of a guttural bark. “No game, no Sega,” he raps in a punchline-heavy 16.  Check out the new track below and tell us what you think about the Song.

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