6ix9ine Is Coming Back With A New Album: “The King Of NYC Returns To His Fuc*in’ Throne”

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6ix9ine Is Coming Back With A New Album: “The King Of NYC Returns To His Fuc*in’ Throne”

One thing is for sure. Tekashi 6ix9ine just can’t avoid the call of a swimming pool. In truth, it feels like the greater part of his updates happen while skipping about a pool, sprinkling his way through different monologs. This most recent one is the same, as the rainbow ponder comes through to caution the round of his approaching return. While one may ask why his melodic yield has impeded since “Tati,” the appropriate responses are basic. 6ix9ine has been abroad for a moment, taking his vivacious show out and about. Presently, be that as it may, he needs the world to realize that he’ll be back on home turf in a minor six days.

“In six more days the king of New York City returns back to his fuckin’ throne,” cautions Tekashi, maybe having found out about Cardi B’s ongoing regal announcement. “I heard it’s been so peaceful in New York. Nobody beefing, that’s what I like, you know what I’m saying? But just know when I get back, I’m back for my charter boy shit. I’m going eight for eight on the Billboard.”

In spite of the fact that mild-mannered in the clasp, his content persona appears to be out of control by correlation. “I HAVENT RELEASED NOTHING ON TOUR GIVING YALL RAPPERS TIME TO CATCH UP,” composes 6ix9ine, in the going with inscription. “6 MORE DAYS THE KING IS BACK HOME #NYC #FEFE ON THE WAY AND ANOTHER ONE ‼” Not just do his swimming propensities match those of DJ Khaled, yet so too does his vernacular. Are ya’ll advertised for Tekashi’s arrival to the crease?