6ix9ine Says His Coming Album Features Drake, Travis Scott, Swae Lee, XXXTENTACION & More


6ix9ine Claims His Upcoming Album Will Have Drake, Travis Scott, Swae Lee, XXXTENTACION etc In It.

Does Tekashi 6ix9ine have the regard from his friends to pull off the striking claims he simply made not long ago?. We’ll know soon enough. In a recent update, the young and promising rapper Tekashi, posted a video on Instagram of him receiving yet another commemorative plaque from his label. It’s hard to make out the inscription because the camera work is spotty at best, yet Tekashi claims that it reads “1 Billion Streams in 5 Months,” that is supposed to be the elapse of time between the release of  DAY69 and today.

The young and talented rapper took his time, and bragged about his comeuppance for at least, a better part of a minute, the singer 6ix9ine could be seen as he begins emptying out the pockets of his track pants. From the his pocket, he was pouring nicely kneaded and arranged hundred dollar notes, falling to the floor in packs of seven or eight.

The caption by the video continues where he leaves off. In it, he says that he “have a whole album on the way,” this is the point where he made his claim of having the world’s best hip-hop rappers in his coming album, after he said; “have a whole album on the way,” he continued by saying that the project will include features from none other than Drake, Travis Scott, Swae Lee, XXXTentacion, Diplo and many others additionally, ending his tirade with a message to young individuals on the margins of poverty: “this shows every kid out there you don’t need to suck no industry d1ck to be poppin‘.”

We still are waiting to know if Tekashi is trying to pull a stunt or if he being serios, but with his recent musical prowess, we guess he might be up to something surprising. Other upcoming artists have scored similar features on their albums, and in every way that really matters, so 6ix9ine could definitely pull it off, we give the credit to him.

Watch the free video and stay tuned for more updates. Check out the recent news updates and recent songs update by 6ix9ine here.

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