ASAP Rocky – Herojuana Blunts [Free Mp3 Download]

ASAP Rocky Drops "Herojuana Blunts", Download Free Mp3 


ASAP Rocky Drops “Herojuana Blunts”, Download Free Mp3 

A$AP Rocky’s been gearing up to drop this third studio album, Testing. It’s been over three years since he released his last album, At Long Last A$AP which came shortly after the death of A$AP Yams. Since then, the rapper’s focused on things such as fashion and his foray into film and movies. However, the hype for Testing has been evident since last summer. The rapper promised fans its release before the end of 2017 but that didn’t happen. Earlier this year, he dropped three demos on Soundcloud before formally introducing his album with the Blocboy JB assisted single, “Bad Company.” Today, he delivers something just in time for 4:20 with his new song, “Herojuana Blunts.”

A$AP Rocky use of psychedelics has been out in the open over the years. “Herojuana Blunts” finds Rocky inviting the world into his psychedelic mind. The visuals themselves are tweaked up to mimic the visuals of a trip. The song was produced by Plu2o Nash who’s done work with Lucki in the past. Rocky’s vocals bounce between being chopped and screwed pitched, pitched all the way up and then to his normal vocals on wax.

It’s not a banger like everyone expected but it’s certainly fitted for the holiday.


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