Video: Cardi B Comments About Her Security Guard Who Pulled Her Skirt In A Show

VIDEO: Cardi B Comments About Security Guard Who Pulled Her Skirt

Watch The Video Of Cardi B’s Skirt Being Pulled By A Security Guard While She Was Performing In A Show.

This Thanksgiving weekend, Cardi B was in Europe doing shows. During one of her performance in France, there was a weird scene when one of her security guards came up from behind and started adjusting Cardi’s skirt. Cards turned around and yelled at the guard, suggesting he was doing something inappropriate.

Well, it turns out that wasn’t the case at all, later that evening Cardi B set things straight for her fans, especially those who had been at the show where the incident took place, “ My security was just trying to look out,” she admitted. “My skirt kept rising up. I got upset is because he put so much force pulling it down I thought I would fall. I love the team of people I work with.”

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