Chance The Rapper – “Wala Cam” Ft Supa Bwe

Download Chance The Rapper's "Wala Cam" Ft Supa Bwe Mp3


Download Chance The Rapper’s “Wala Cam” Ft Supa Bwe Mp3

Well look what we have here. Earlier in the week, reports began surfacing online that Chance The Rapper might drop another collection this week in front of this end of the week’s Special Olympic Games going down in Chicago. Shockingly, Chance quickly exposed the gossipy tidbits, saying sorry no collection this week, def been in the stu tho. While fans were let around this news, it turns out Chance was simply psyching them out a bit since minutes back the Chicago rapper decided to come through and surprise us with the arrival of not one, but rather FOUR new melodies instead. It may not be a collection, but rather it’s the following best thing that is without a doubt.

Serving as a prelude to his forthcoming 7-melody venture with Kanye West, which is getting worked on this month, the surprise discharge accompanies a solitary element from another Chicago rapper Supa Bwe, who shows up on the tune “Wala Cam,” which we’re highlighting for y’all right here.

Take a listen and let us comprehend what you think! Record available now on iTunes.