DJ Khaled – No Brainer Ft. Quavo, Justin Bieber & Chance The Rapper

DJ Khaled – No Brainer Ft. Quavo, Justin Bieber Mp3 Download: DJ Khaled has come back with the lead single of his upcoming Father Of Asahd, enlisting the abilities of Quavo, Chance The Rapper, and Bugatti Biebs. Despite the supporting cast’s general pedigree, “No Brainer” fails to navigate any kind of new ground, consequently resulting in a harmless and similarly unmemorable bopper.

It’s difficult to completely commit to critiquing the most recent anthem from DJ Khaled, given the mogul’s by and large approachable nature. However there’s something really egregious about hearing Quavo utilized as a part of such a barefaced cookie-cooker pop style; all things considered, this man came up dropping some of Atlanta’s hardest mixtapes. Now he’s brought the “mama” off the cuff to commercial radio. Maybe it’s a sign of expanding land. However one needs to ponder where the line in the sand gets drawn.

Given success of the previous single “I’m The One,” we presumably ought to have expected something excellent. All things considered, Khaled’s ongoing bread and margarine has been quarterbacking radio hits, and a tiger don’t change his stripes. However “No Brainer” feels like reused territory, paling in comparison to every contributor’s performance assemblage of work. Is this the one? Admittedly, the truth will surface eventually, and it could demonstrate viable for commercial radio. For the present, nonetheless, it feels as though Khaled’s Father Of Asahd lead single is merely going through the motions.

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