Drake Shoots At Kanye West On “Scorpion” Album, Read More


Drake Fires Some Hot Shots At Kanye West On “Scorpion” Album, Read More

In six days time we are gonna have the privilege of listening to one of the most anticipated albums in 2018, it’s gonn be wonderful indeed. Even as we are less than one week before the official release of the project, Drake has still managed to keep a lid on some vital information about the upcoming work. No one is sure if the Canadian rapper for sure will reply Pusha T on the album after the rapper displaced Drake with Story Of Adidon (which you can download here), though people are coming up with assurance that 6ixgod will sweep the shot under the carpet. About the feud, according to DJ Akademiks, he suggests to Drake that he should explain things in his coming album, explain about his kid and the diss he has with Pusha. 

As we expect Drake to touch his troubles with Pusha, we also believe that he has something in stock for Kanye. Last night, Apple Music made a tweet, and the line says “Fashion week is more your thing than mine,” and tagged on the tweet are Drake & Scorpion. We really are not sure however, bu we presume Drake made a song of that line on his coming album. Actually, we all are gonna wait to hear the song which might bear that line before we can conclude on who drake was talking about, but high odds go to Ye, knowing that the rapper who also doubles as a producer loves his fashion shows so dearly.

In case you have not known, just a day ago, it came to our notice that Drake’s Scorpion album might actually be a double disc project, a tleast we’ve got our reasons and evidences to say so (the erected billboards currently standing on the streets of Toronto says the album’s gonna come in Side A & B). With the album coming in as double disc project, we guess Drake has alot of things to talk about.

As we wait and count down for the coming of Drake’s Scorpion album, scroll below to see and read the Apple Music’s tweet, you’ve got any thoughts? The bar/line was plastered on a billboard in Times Square.