ESPN’s NBA Carmelo Anthony Ranked 64th On Top-100

Carmelo Anthony

ESPN Claims Carmelo Anthony Is The 64th Best Player.

According to reputable reports from ESPN’s yearly ranking of the Top-100 players in the league, Carmelo Anthony comfortably seats as the 64th best player in the NBA, that means there are just 63 other player who are above Anthony, that’s a good profile for a young player like him.

The revelation was made when ESPN named their NBA Top-100 for the upcoming season, and they also revealed spots 75-51, which is where Anthony falls in favour of the sports leader.

The NBA player named Anthony, like stated, seats at no. 64, Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart seats at no. 65 and then Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard, while Lonzo Ball also seats at number 63rd.

Some major and key players that ranked above the 12-time All-Star include but are not limited to some familiar named like; Spurs guard Danny Green, Mavericks forward Harrison Barnes, Sixers forward Robert Covington, Nuggets forward Danilo Gallinari and Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday.

You may actually wonder or ask why Anthony seats at 64th position, check this facts out, last season, Anthony averaged 22.4 points, 5.9 rebounds and 2.9 assists per game against the Knicks, and so we guess that somehow helped to push him to where he is. Much love and thumbs up to the rising star!

From ESPN.

“Entering his 15th season, Anthony’s days as a top-50 player might be finished as he comes in 33 spots below last season’s ranking. His drop is tied for the largest by anyone that finished in the top 35 a season ago. The only players in NBA history to average at least 20 points per game in each of their first 15 seasons are Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a club Anthony could join in 2017-18.”

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