Twitter Fans Love Pusha T’s New Diss Track: Instagram Acts, Removes Photo Of Drake’s Blackface

New Diss Track Twitter Acts Removes Photo Of Drake’s Blackface

Pusha T

Twitter Users are saying Pusha now has the upper hand on Drake with his new rebuttal “The Story Of Adidon”, While Removes Pusha T’s Photo Of Drake’s Blackface

Followers of Pusha T got what they needed on Tuesday night when he released his reply to Drake’sDuppy” freestyle with “The Story Of Adidon,” a freestyle over Jay Z’s “Story Of OJ.” Pusha spares nothing at all at hits Drake real hard,  claiming he’s not being there for his “hidden” son, who he allegedly had with a stripper last year. 

To add to his brutal words, Pusha T also used an in appropriate photo of a younger Drake rockin’ a black face as his cover art, a photo that wasn’t photoshopped nor edited.

When “The Story Of Adidon,” was dropped, everyone on Twitter began to say their mind about it, mostly giving Push props for coming back with a hard & direct response. Most people were thinking Push got the upper hand, and obviously is at the winning side, and surely the general consensus is that he left fans impressed with the reply.

We have a few reactions from Tuesday night’s twittersphere (below). The in other news, Intagram took down the image of a younger Drake rockin’ a black face as his cover art.

As for the image, like we asserted, it was indeed a real picture that photographer David Leyes shot of Drake years ago, and not photoshopped. The following caption follows the photo “Please stop referring to this picture as “artwork”…I’m not an internet baby, I don’t edit images…this is a REAL picture…these are his truths, see for yourself,” these words came from Pusha when he tweeted out after the song was released. Also, the photographer behind the photo, David Leyes, claimed that the idea of the blackface image was Drake’s (see pic below).

Pusha T Disses Drake On "The Story Of Adidon", Download Free Mp3 

Well, hours after posting the photo, it turns out it was removed from Pusha’s IG page by Instagram. Pusha, not taking anything lightly  took a screenshot of his message and said that this was the “first time this has happened to me….”

The message on the Shot says: “We’ve removed or disables access to content you posted on Instagram because a third party reported that that content infringes or otherwise violates their rights.

For the time being, we can’t tell why IG acted on Pusha T’s account in such a manner, though we deduce that Drake’s “community” kept reporting it, though others suggest this is the work of Drake & OVO camp. Check some shots below.

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First time this has happened to me…

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