Floyd Mayweather Fails To Pronounce Ariana Grande’s Name In An Interview

Mayweather Fails To Pronounce Ariana Grande's Name In An Interview

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Floyd Mayweather Fails To Pronounce One Of The Best American Female Singer’s Name, “Ariana Grande”

In an interview conducted by the legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather, the legend showed to be a weakling when it comes to music because of how he flopped in pronouncing his favourite artist’s name and failure to know a song from Taylor Swift. Before we give the news in details, lets recap on the newest fight of the boxer with McGregor.
As earlier stated, Floyd Mayweather is a great boxer living, he has written his name in the sands of time and the hall of fame of the boxing industry,when it comes to boxing, he is a champion, also when it comes to fame, he is there and talk about bars, he seems to be amongst the richest sportsmen living.

Few weeks back, the boxer came off from the globally hyped fight against McGregor, the fight happens to be the biggest sporting event of the year. Fans of the both boxers were completely glued to the fact that the both persons have great records and so should expect anything in the ring, however, things tended to work well for Floyd as he won Mc by TKO in the late stages of the fight. Floyd after the game became richer and cemented himself as one of the greatest boxers in life, but still, we never knew he could not for entertainment sake pronounce some names nor know a song from popular arts.

As stated earlier, in an interview conducted by the boxer himself, the venue was just outside his strip club named Girl Collection and some conversation was going on which was filmed for the YouTube series Awkward Puppets.

In the interview, he spoke with the moustached puppet named Diego, few questions was asked, among them was: “What’s your favourite Taylor Swift song?” Funny enough, the boxer knew nothing about the singer nor her songs because he does not listen to Taylor Swift‘s songs.
The heat became intense when the second question was thrown, when asked what his favourite Ariana Grande track, in a bid to reply, the boxer was caught pronouncing the name as “Aria Grande“, eve his puppet friend gawked at him in disbelief.

Though he spoke with a puppet, we may say that was the reason he put up such an error, who won’t like to sync with a puppet conversation?

Give your own judgement after watching the video below.

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