Gorillaz – Sorcerez [Free Mp3 Download]


Gorillaz Drops “Sorcerez”, Download Free Mp3 

Gorillaz has discharged a visualizer for the fifth track on their 6th studio collection The Now, expected at the simple end of the month, on the 29th. “Sorcerez” is consistent with the visual presentation which has been their characterizing characteristic since the very first moment. Gorillaz resemble a people story that never uncovers itself, even we exceptionally surely understand the craftsmen behind the task, ex-Blur front man Damon Albarn and comic book craftsman Jamie Hewlett.

The “Sorcerez” visualizer adequately separates the melodious contents of the record over a moving winding illusion. The visual impact works couple with the thought postured by Murdoc: “holding on to one’s energy.” I’ve seen the record as a lesson in self-preservation, subjectively, however the “Sorcerez” is equivocal enough to serve different surges of thought without a moment’s delay. The synth-loaded production is similarly welcoming.

The Now, the gathering’s 6th collection together, remains a topic of enthusiasm for music around the world. The team started their promotional battle by slapping obscure publications over the UK, and by having non-vivified individuals from band wear confusing shirts bearing the motto “no more unicorns anymore.” The last strategy that put all bits of gossip to rest was the revelation of a url exhibiting a blaze media secret for the collection.

What happens next is anyone’s guess on June 29.