IS Soldier Kidd Involved In XXXTentacion’s Murder? Find Out

Soldier Kidd & Soldier Jojo

Soldier Kidd Accused Of Knowing Of Or Participating In XXXTentacion’s Murder, Read About His Death 

Yesterday, a shock wave was sent down the spine of the hiphop industry as a promising and rising star XXXTentacion was shot dead in his vehicle right outside Miami. The shooters were said to be “black males wearing hoodies” and the killer was on “red hoodie” and they made away in a black SUV, read full story here.

Since these claims were made, lover and fans who’s got some detective abilities decided to do their own investigations and to know the identity of these said shooters. You can’t believe whats found, just read on carefully.

Same yesterday, two other local rappers has been sharing various photos & pictures on social media, and one of those rappers was with a red mask in their car and then, the two were just minutes away from X’s location with a gun on them, guess the two that fitted this strange description??…… Soldier Kidd and Soldier Jojo!!!!

The first shared “Boomerang” photo on his IG live Monday and on him was edible stuffs he got in a nearby eatery in Deerfield Beach, close enough from where XXX was murdered, also, the later, Soldier Jojo tagged Hook Fish and Chicken, which is just six or eight minutes walk from the motorcycle shop where XXX was at before being murdered. On the media file shared, if you pause the boomerang photo, you can see the two while in the restaurant had a gun with them.

As the two began to make waves, the Florida local rapper decided to exonerate himself via his social media account, definitely denying those claims but the evidences were just too close to be ignored.

He said, “Man we all got love for the Florida nigga. I got love for Broward. I don’t even know who the man was. We out here handling business. We out here getting money bro. We aint go no time for none of this shit that’s going on. But listen, all my condolences go to the man’s family and what not,” Soldier said. “I ain’t have nothing to do with it.”

See the full updates by the local rappers below, and also swipe to your right hand side to see those evidences yourself. Stay tuned for more updates on the news.

Read About XXX’s Death 

Please keep sharing till it gets to the authorities for proper investigations.