Jacquees – “Jump On It”

Jacquees Shares "FYB - Pull Up", Free Mp3 Download
Jacquees Shares "FYB - Pull Up", Free Mp3 Download


Jacquees Drops “Jump On It”, Download Free Mp3

In the opening salvo of “Jump On It,Jacquees presents an interesting thesis statement certainly, claiming “genuine n***as get terrible infant.” As the verse advances, the gifted singer aims to add confidence to his words, depicting situations verging on pornographic. Still, when displayed through his dulcet tones, even the most indecent dream feels almost wholesome. Such is the intensity of rnb, a kind more sexually charged than most, despite its delicate reputation.

Over a bouncy, somewhat West-Coast inspired instrumental, Jacquees weaves a story of adoration in-the-club, albeit the kind with an expiration date. Instant gratification, in an age that comprehends the concept well. It makes sense that this one might be aimed at the ladies, yet for the fellas looking to live vicariously, maybe consider having your note pads primed and ready.