Joyner Lucas – ZEZE Freestyle [Free Mp3 Download]

Joyner Lucas - ZEZE Freestyle [Free Mp3 Download]

Joyner Lucas – ZEZE Freestyle [Free Mp3 Download]: Joyner Lucas channels Eminem for his latest diss aimed at Tory Lanez. He nearly sounds like ‘Em did on The Slim Shady LP, tonally. If you are not aware, Lanez claimed that he was better than Lucas, making them to drop some hit diss-track (freestyles). Lanez went first, dropping his “Lucky You Freestyle,” which showcased more of his rap ability than a diss track. Lucas shot back with the “Litty Freestyle,” leading the competition to be more personal. We didnt know it was not over. The friendly competition isn’t real diss, but it’s okay for hiphop community while being the most entertaining lyrical battle in recent history.

Tory Lanez clapped back at to Lucas with the battle track “Litty Again,” but now, he went for the kill shot. Lanez now stepped into the rap battle with some personal stuffs of his own. As expected, Lucas hasreplied again. That totals four diss tracks within a 36-hour span. These guys are really hardworking.

Lucas’ newest track raises the bar again. He keeps comparing Lanez to Drake, makes fun of his dress style, says that he’s not a male from birth, and even says that the Canadian singer  steals songs. Download mp3 below.

Joyner Lucas – ZEZE Freestyle [Free Mp3 Download]