Lil Peep – Life Is Beautiful [Free Mp3 Download]

Lil Peep - Life Is Beautiful [Free Mp3 Download]

Lil Peep – Life Is Beautiful [Free Mp3 Download]: “Life Is Beautiful” might be the best track divulged from Come Over When Your Sober Pt 2 so far. Off the bat, the most recent Lil Peep single feels a specific feeling of enthusiastic weight, given the deplorable idea of the title. Having lost Peep a year ago, the quality encompassing his inheritance has just increased, conveying him nearer and nearer to symbol status. Presently, with his first after death exertion in transit, Peep’s group have brought worth an unconventional new single, sonically reminiscent of Yung Lean’s melodic work on Stranger.

Given that past singles “Runaway” and “Cry Alone” moved intently from Peep’s “emotional” impacts, it’s invigorating to see an alternate style being investigated. Taking to an environmental instrumental, Peep thinks about those bound to endure, painting pictures of terminal patients wishing to associate with their friends and family. His words are tinged with a dismal feeling of incongruity, compared superbly against the unobtrusively chipper creation.

Stay tuned for Come Over When You’re Sober Pt 2, arriving Friday November ninth.

Lil Peep – Life Is Beautiful [Free Mp3 Download]