Lil Skies – “Real Ties” [Free Mp3 Download]

MUSIC: Lil Skies – “Real Ties” [Free Mp3 Download]: Lil Skies is a standout amongst the most underrated artists out there. He has an enormous after however he has yet to genuinely break out into the mainstream. For reasons unknown, something hasn’t caught on with the masses. In any case, it has an inclination that it won’t be long until more individuals start to take note. Dislike Lil Skies is a small name. He had a great year and he’s hoping to become significantly further in 2019. He’s certainly somebody to watch out for and his last two melodies just demonstrate that.

Near the finish of last year, Skies came through with “Opps Want Me Dead,” which inspired many of his naysayers. Today, he comes through with “Real Ties.” The rapper has released a music video to accompany the new track, which was created by E-Trou and Taz Taylor. The youthful artist speaks on loyalty in the new tune, praising his club for staying by him and regarding it “nothing unexpected” that they have.

This is only the latest addition to Skies’ developing group of work. Skies is somebody that you should watch out for in 2019. At the point when/in the event that he drops the follow-up to Life of a Dark Rose, we ought to be in for something special.

MUSIC: Lil Skies – “Real Ties” [Free Mp3 Download]