Mila J – Welcome To California [Free Mp3 Download]

Mila J Drops "Welcome To California", Download Free Mp3 


Mila J Drops “Welcome To California”, Download Free Mp3 

Mila J is one of R&B’s most underrated songwriters. Through the span of 2018, she’s demonstrated herself as a productive artist who declines to play by the book, and she always leaves away with great songs thus. Mila has been releasing a short venture each and consistently since January, titling each EP accordingly. Her latest is April 2018, and stays with the understated songs she’s exceeded expectations at with the current releases. On “Welcome To California,” she brings the vitality up a bit from her generally stripped down productions, yet it contains the same intimate appeal as her best songs from her current run. Here she reps the West Coast hard as consistently, skimming over a bassline that gestures to Cali R&B history while conveying some memorable wordplay: “California dreamin’ on a California king bed.” If you’re a R&B fan and haven’t looked at her EPs, you deserve to give them a tune in. Stream April 2018, the current installment in what may amount to an entire year of music, here. No word on regardless of whether Mila has a full-length venture underway, however honestly, we’re not complaining.

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