Quentin Miller – Destiny Freestyle [Free Mp3 Download]

Download Quentin Miller's "Destiny Freestyle", Download Free Mp3 


Download Quentin Miller’s “Destiny Freestyle”, Download Free Mp3 

In spite of how gifted Quentin Miller is, it feels like Drake’s ghostwriting charges will dependably dominate how skilled he really is. His gifts were put in plain view on Drake‘s If You’re Reading It’s Too Late, yet the discussion encompassing the undertaking appeared to have a greater effect on Quentin’s profession than Drake‘s. Regardless of the way that it’s been a long time since IYRTITL turned out, the ghostwriting discussion surfaced by and by on Pusha T‘s Infrared.” Since at that point, Drake has busted shots back at Push and Nicki went to Drake’s guard about his songwriting capacities. As guaranteed, Quentin Miller addresses everything on his most recent track, “Destiny Freestyle.”

Quentin Miller drops off his third single of the previous week with “Destiny Freestyle.” The rapper’s most recent single was delivered by Lyle LeDuff and he doesn’t timid far from talking on Nicki Minaj, Drake and Pusha T on the melody. Quentin goes in on the second verse and inside a couple of bars, addresses Nicki Minaj‘s remarks on Drake throughout the end of the week. Toward the finish of the track, he says, “I’m more than just a prop, you know? Or a pawn. I’m a person too, you know? I didn’t ask for none of this,” which is by all accounts a reaction to Pusha T name dropping him on “Infrared.”

Peep Quentin Miller‘s new track and keep your eyes peeled on new music from him.