Wale – Winter Wars [Free Mp3 Download]

MUSIC: Wale – Winter Wars [Free Mp3 Download]: The cycle proceeds. Nas’ “The World Is Yours” is referenced in one of his later tunes “Hoodlum’s Theme” which thusly is referenced in Wale’s new melody “Winter Wars,” itself a tribute to a great Ghostface Killah tune. Sound befuddling – you aren’t the only one. Yet, in truth, the best works are typically cross-referential, on the grounds that they drag long stretches of involvement and energy to the plate. Grain, more so than most, is a genuine understudy of the amusement.

On “Winter Wars,” Wale runs bar for bar with the greats, first by flipping Nas’ “I take summers off ’cause I cherish winter meat” into an extended assemblage of work. Before you scoff at the utilization of vocal testing, recollect that it’s still being used today, most noticeably on “Sicko Mode” where a Texas legend (Big Hawk RIP) rises from the fiery remains to convey a smoky abstain.

Ridge has been gainful this late spring, however not at all like his counterparts, 2018 didn’t deliver a paramount full-length venture from the stately rapper. All that should change now that he’s under contract with Warner Bros. Keep it bolted for a lot of Wale in 2019.

MUSIC: Wale – Winter Wars [Free Mp3 Download]