Watch Emtee Collapse Live on Stage [Download Video Mp4]

Watch Emtee Collapse Live on Stage [Download Video Mp4]

VIDEO: Emtee collapses Live on Stage

Watch As Emtee Collapses Live on Stage [Download Video Mp4]

Below, you can watch the video of Emtee as he falls on his back Live on Stage. The young rapper Emtee seems not to take his career/fans with great interest.

Despite his condition the previous day, none of his managers or any one who surrounds him, both ones on his paid for being just  his hommies and otherwise, none had enough balls to hold him back from performing, it ultimately led to a disgrace!

The debut SA rapper, Emtee shared us 2 masterpiece solo albums, so we just can not lose him. His work of art is more of a motivation to some of us, and so, we have to be with him and protect him.

We guess he definitely need to visit some nice rehab centers for proper checks ASAP, his career needs to be saved and he is much valued in the music culture. Watch the video below.