Zodwa WaBantu; “i Hate Singing”, Read More

Zodwa WaBantu - "i Hate Singing", Find Out Why - Hip-Hop Africa

'I Hate Singing,' Says Zodwa WaBantu On Music

Zodwa WaBantu – “i Hate Singing”, Find Out Why

‘I Hate Singing,’ Says Zodwa WaBantu On Music! Skolopad thought she was throwing shade at Zodwa when she said Zodwa is only just a dancer compared to her who also sings. Turns out Zodwa likes it just that way.

The dancer and socialite shut down rumors that she was set to launch a music career with the help of DJ Tira. Zodwa spoke to TshisaLIVE said she’s just around musicians and has access to the studio but that does not mean she is a musician.

“I am an entertainer. I don’t think you have to say I am a singer because I actually hate singing. I am always around people who are always in the studio making music like DJ Tira, so sometimes I’ll feel the beat as well and might be invited to do something on it,” she said.

“I am not a singer. I would never say I am a singer, I hate singing, it’s not my thing.”

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